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Welcome to Drones in Healthcare Blog

Interest in drone technology is high and rapidly evolving as we look to new solutions to longstanding problems in logistics, business, arts, security, disaster response and yes, even healthcare. There are many newsworthy aspects to the drone industry from the hobby market, industrial and business use, FAA regulations, military and government use, potential terrorism, hazardous use, and new innovations. We will cover various aspects of the drone industry with a focus on healthcare.

From time to time, we will highlight people developing new innovative healthcare solutions using drone technology. If you are one of those people, please contact us and we may feature you in a future story. We will also feature guest posts by experts to keep you abreast of the latest happenings. Lastly, we will post updates from some of the biggest conferences in mobile health, healthcare IT and technology. Please follow along, comment and reach out to tell us about your exciting research or innovative use in healthcare.

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