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Drone Delivery to your Mailbox?

As widespread commercial drone delivery gets ever closer to reality, we need to start thinking beyond the drone. Don’t get me wrong, the vehicle will change the way we send and receive packages, mail, food, and healthcare. This delivery method will bring convenience for consumers, cost savings for retailers and shippers, and allow us to bring more services to remote populations including healthcare services. But we must also think about how that package is received and secured.

Do you live in an area with a 24 hour pharmacy? Lucky for you! Many hospitals I have worked at do not have this “convenience” within an hour drive. Imagine that when you are in excruciating pain at 2 am. In the future, who needs a 24 hour pharmacy when you can get your prescription delivered to your home in 30 minutes with an app on your phone. Brilliant right?

The next question is where will that package be delivered? Whether it is an expensive medicine or a holiday package to a consumer or blood products between hospitals, those deliveries need to be secure. In developing countries, many shipments of medical supplies are just parachuted to a general location near a clinic or hospital. This is fine in Rwanda but may not be ok in your neighborhood. Who is going to be receiving that package? How will you be notified that it has been delivered?

Smart drone delivery boxes that will receive the drone delivery and notify you are the latest invention that will help to revolutionize drone delivery around the globe. As the drone approaches, the smart box receives a signal and automatically opens to receive the package. The doors then close securing the package inside. The software then notifies both the recipient and shipper that the package has been received. Using a smart phone app or key fob, the recipient then opens the smart box and removes the package. No package theft. No wondering when the package has been received. Protection from the elements. This is your future and it is now.

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