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Drone Use in Health Care: The Future Is Now

A Practical, Interactive Webinar Presented by Emergency Physicians Monthly and Telemedicine Magazine.

Join us June 7 at 12pm EDT/9am PDT for a groundbreaking webinar on the burgeoning use of drones and unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs) in emergency medicine, telemedicine, and health care in general.

The webinar features two recognized innovators and experts in drone use: Jeremy Tucker, DO, FACEP, FACOEP, FACOI, Executive Director PSO; Medical Director, East Region, US Acute Care Solutions; and health care blogger; and Will Stavanja, Founder and Lead Consultant at Wilstair, LLC., a commercial drone integration company. The webinar will be hosted by Mark L. Plaster, MD, Founder and Executive Editor of EPM.

After attending this webinar, you’ll:

  • Understand how drones transport blood products to your patients in remote locations.

  • Learn how you will can become more involved in disaster response and search and rescue through drone use.

  • Become aware of how drones can deliver telemedicine services, such as a Telemedicine pack, to patients.

The panel discussion will delve into the incredible capabilities of UAVs to change the health care landscape, including current uses, pilot projects, and future deployment from pre-hospital to disaster medicine to inter-hospital transport, such as:

  • Delivering vaccines;

  • Serve as ambulances; and

  • Flying autonomously under the auspices of Stony Brook’s Global Health Initiative.

And you’ll find out the latest on FAA’s regulation of drones, and what’s likely to happen going forward in emergency medicine and telemedicine.

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