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AirBox Launch in Munich (Germany) @ Skycart Booth ~ Sept 20-21 ~ Booth A6

Drone Delivery Systems Corp. in Richmond, VA will launch AirBox 1 in Munich, Germany at the ECR TAG 2017, AirBox 1 can be seen and ordered at the Skycart BOOTH A6 or online at or

AirBox 1 is the first smart mailbox, solar powered, keeps deliveries safe, secure and private ~ accepts deliveries via drone or truck - the driver will be able to leave a package in a secure smart mailbox he/she found over an app. AirBox will introduce the first drone package delivery solution for the last mile to the end user, the most critical point as well as a secure smart mailbox that can receive personal deliveries to the end user by truck. AirBox 1 is the first smart mailbox in the world ~ manufactured into a complete product, the most innovative smart device available to order in 2017.

Drone Delivery Systems in Virginia has been hard at work. Not only launching AirBox 1 in Munich, the end users smart mailbox; the company also created SkyBox 1, formally known as AirBox 3, the first smart insulated container weighing only 2 pounds. The lightweight smart insulated container, will carry your warm pizza...keeping it warm during flight by a drone!! Or your beverages cold.. The insulated SkyBox 1 will keep and preserve medications, food, insulin, blood, transplants, during transport by drone to the intended party.

Drone Delivery Systems is filling orders for SkyBox 1 for deliveries in California...yes....that's correct, drone delivery being offered in select areas to customers in California and soon in Virginia, and other parts of the country. Stay tuned to seeing AirBox being launched in apps, the online store, online and live video in the comings weeks.

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