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AirBox Technologies inventor Brandon Pargoe invited to speak at Post-Expo 2018

AirBox Technologies is all set to revolutionize the parcel delivery industry through its solar powered smart drone delivery system which assures the most secured way to send and receive parcels.

AirBox Technologies is proud to announce the company co-founder and inventor Brandon Pargoe has been invited to speak at the prestigious Post-Expo 2018. The state of the art drone delivery company is also exhibiting at the world’s leading international postal and parcel industry exhibition and conference this year.

Drone Delivery System

The esteemed Post-Expo 2018 is scheduled to be held on October 9-11, 2018 at Hamburg, Germany.

“It is a great honor for us to receive the invitation to speak at the illustrious Post-Expo this year at Hamburg. The elite exhibition will be attended by the who’s who of the postal and parcel industry. We are very excited to represent our company at this event,” stated a leading spokesperson from AirBox Technologies.

Mr. Pargoe will speak on the second day of the conference (October 9). According to sources, he will highlight the futuristic technology deployed by AirBox to build the world’s first smart drone delivery mailbox that ensures secure, autonomous package delivery via its smart, internet connected receptacle. Additionally, Mr. Pargoe will also shed light on the current projects taken up by AirBox for the African and Caribbean markets.


AirBox Technologies will also put up a booth at the exhibition to showcase its innovative drone delivery solution for last mile delivery challenges.

AirBox Technologies has developed the FIRST solar-powered autonomous smart drone mailbox which is aimed to revolutionize the last-leg delivery scene for the end-user. The AirBox system is the FIRST REAL IoT smart drone mailbox which is designed with real IOT AirBox Technology-based on the Internet of Things ESP32 technology. The ESP32 represents an advanced low-power, economical SoC series, compatible with Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth capabilities.

“Our AirBox Home assures the most secured way to receive deliveries from autonomous drones and delivery truck drivers. It comes with an encrypted key to keep your information secured, guarded and safe from attacks. After the drone flies away, the mailbox door will stay tightly closed to ensure complete protection for the package inside. And after the parcel is delivered, both the sender and receiver will receive notifications from our software. This way the sender can have the peace of mind that his parcel has been delivered to the right person.”

The innovative AirBox smart drone mailbox system stands out with a host of pragmatic features-

  • Complete protection for the parcel from weather elements

  • Complete protection from theft

  • Backed by solar panels for continuous power yet without harming the planet

  • Can be installed virtually anywhere

  • Available in multiple sizes

  • Customer order facility available as well

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