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FlytDock Offers Drone-Agnostic Precision Landing Kit for Deliveries

Drone Delivery Systems and FlytBase have announced a new partnership for the development of a precision landing kit compatible with any delivery drone.

The FlytDock precision landing kit makes use of a down-facing miniature camera and software. It is being designed as a plug-and-play solution to incorporate into any drone platform.

“With the combined FlytBase precision landing technology and our new AirBox Kits, any drone can now deliver to AirBox Home,” says Brandon Pargoe, creator of the AirBox technology. “This new innovation will create a drone-agnostic platform for last-mile, secure package deliveries to AirBox Home.”

FlytDock works day or night and on both ground-level and elevated platforms. Powered by FlytOS, the plug-in uses computer vision techniques and dedicated landing algorithms to align, approach and land a drone on a visual marker (ArUco Tag) on the ground, and the system can be remotely managed and controlled over the internet via 4G/LTE.

Nitin Gupta, CEO of FlytBase, says, “At FlytBase, we are building the core software platform for automating and scaling enterprise drone applications. Precision landing is an essential component for the success of several such autonomous deployments. With FlytDock, we have been able to assist our partners and customers looking for a robust and reliable solution for precision landing on docking/charging stations for security, delivery and inspection applications.”

Through AirBox, users will also receive alerts that packages have arrived, thereby further protecting packages from damage or theft, the partners note.

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